Marriage and What “People Say”

Author: Salih al Munajjid | Size: 100kB | Pages: 3 | Format: PDF
Beloved Muslims! Do you not think that the spreading of impermissible acts necessitates that we re-evaluate the issue of marriage and facilitate it? corruption is approaching us from all directions, for it seems that what we had on the ground was not enough, that they (the disbelievers) have attacked us even from the skies (i.e., by means of satellites). They have disseminated evil everywhere, to the extent that teenagers are surely exposed to prohibitions through satellite channels and they may even watch pornography; they see naked or virtually nude women on television ? what, then, is the solution?



One thought on “Marriage and What “People Say”

  1. Salam!
    The Solution of it,is to obey Allah and the Prophet(S. A. W.). it is the way to defense our self and children by the education of Islam to tell what is Islam first of all we should self enter in Islam when we learn Islam obey Islam, then we teach better our family. The most reliable way is Dawah Tabligh, enter in it and learn it is university of Islam.
    Pray for me for Hajj

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