Men Around the Messenger

Author: Khalid Mohammed Khalid | Size: 800kB | Pages: 65 | Format: PDF

While reading this book, we cannot help but be moved by the lives of the Companions herein depicted. How we long to have their awe and reverence for Allah! How we long to spend the same hours in worship as they! How we long to be as brave as they were in the face of danger! How we long to be as patient as they were under torture! This book fulfills the need for the English-speaking Muslim to learn more about that first generation of Muslims. Indeed the Companions — the men who were contemporaries with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) — inspire and encourage us.



One thought on “Men Around the Messenger

  1. Asalamu Alaikum –

    I was downloading “Men Around the Messenger” by Khalid Muhammed. I was wondering if you have received permission from the publishers to reprint this copy onto PDF to be distributed. I have noted that almost every islamic book is available in pdf online, but I don’t want to just download it for free if the publishers haven’t given permission, because then I may be guilty of theft on the day of judgement. I apologize if this question seems rude, but MashAllah you have a beautiful site and I wish to download from the web, but with permission. Jazakullah Khairun in advance. May Allah SWT Bless you and Grant you Ease.

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